Mr. Zook

Contact Information:


Phone: 620-564-2750

  Greetings students, parents, and patrons. I am very excited to be back in 3rd grade with this great group of kids. We are going to have a great year!

  I graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 2005. This year I enter my 14th year teaching, eight of those years have been in 3rd grade.

The Clan
    Our family consists of my wife, Michelle, and our two boys, Caleb and Joshua. Michelle is the creative one around here, she can do things I can't conceptualize let alone produce. One of her hobbies is decorating sweet (ha!) cakes for the boys' birthdays. Caleb and Joshua both enjoy riding their bikes, swimming, kayaking, and general rowdiness. 





Mr. Zoom
    My hobbies include camping, running, watching Sooner football, and mountain biking. Though we don't exactly live in the mountains there are some great trails in the area. One such trail is Switchgrass Trail at Lake Wilson. In addition to riding with friends, I occasionally compete in mountain bike races, usually in eastern Kansas and central Oklahoma. My favorite autocorrect of all time was a message sent to me that came across as Mr. Zoom. Although this name may not be a true indication of my speed on a bike, I like to think it fits.