Information about Mrs. Revell

My fiance and I
* I graduated from Andover High School, located right outside Wichita     KS.

* I graduated from Emporia State University with a degree in  Elementary Education.

* This will by my 5th year teaching First Grade.

* This is my 4th year in Ellinwood and I have loved the community.

* My husband's name is Tyson and he works for the district as Technology Support.
* We love to take our puppy Cole on walks all around town.

                                                                                                               * I love to do anything crafty: scrap-booking, decorating, painting,                                                                                                                                              and creating new things.

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On June 29th we welcomed our son, William Lee Revell, into the world. He was the best part of my Summer!!! :) He is very sweet and has a huge smile!
On June 29th we welcomed William Lee Revell into the world. He is so sweet and has the best smile. He was the best part of my Summer!

* I love to travel and have been to Scotland, England, Ireland, France, and Belgium.