Mrs. Metro's Kindergarten

Husband:         Phil
Children:         Kyla    10 years old old
                        Ryann    8 years old
                        Alden    6 years old
                        Kael      3 years old
High School
        Claflin High School, Claflin Kansas

         Barton County Community College, 97-99
         Kansas State University; K-9 Elementary Education    99-01
         Kansas State University; Master's in Early Childhood  06-08
         Walking , Running, Tennis, Spending time with my children and family, Reading, attending KSU games.
 1st Grade           
2002 - Deerfield Elementary 
         2002-2006- Quivira Heights Elementary
         2006 -12 Ellinwood Elementary   

Contact Information
 Phone: 620-564-2750 (Hours 7:45am - 3:45pm)

Lesson Plans

Philosophy in Education
I believe all children come to school with valuable experiences unique to themselves. Having children of my own (all vastly different in behavior and learning style) and having taught, I believe in the following: 
One, children learn naturally.
Two, all children can learn......most importantly, not all children learn at the same rate or time or even the same way. 
Three, children learn best when they make choices and contribute.        

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