4th Grade

Teaching Philosophy:

-I believe that a teacher should use positive reinforcement to build children’s confidence so that they may be prepared to learn in many different environments.

-I believe that a teacher should be a facilitator; building a child’s critical thinking ability and allowing them the opportunity to use the resources around them and each other.   

-I believe that every student learns in different ways and at different paces.

-I believe that the environment created in the classroom is crucial for promoting learning.

-I believe that achievement is based on evidence that is shown during instruction, activities, and class time, not solely driven by tests.

- I believe that a teacher should be a positive role model for children, caring for them, and encouraging them.  

 Education:                                    Madison High School, Madison Kansas

     Oklahoma Wesleyan University 2010-2011

     Emporia State University 2011-2014


    Evan Casey (Father), Jola Casey (Mother), Brandon Casey (Brother), Paige Casey (Sister), Danny James (Brother), Cassie Dieker (Sister), Auggie (Dog)


    Boating, Camping, Fishing, Spending time with family, Reading, Watching movies, Ceramics

 Miss Livi Casey
Contact Me:

School: 620-564-2750

Cell: 620-437-6153

Email: ocasey@usd355.org

Feel free to call, text, or 

email me at any time!

    Miss Casey’s 4th Grade

 Class Schedule 2016-2017

7:50-8:10  Journal, Jobs, Attendance
8:10-9:00  PE & Music
9:00-10:30  Math Workshop
10:30-10:45  Math Fact Fluency
10:45-10:50  Exercise
10:50-11:00  6 Minute Solutions
11:00-11:30  Eagles Groups
11:30-12:05  Lit. Circles
12:10-12:50  Lunch & Recess
12:55-1:40  Science & Social Studies
*Friday 12:55-2:30  Art & Library
1:40-2:00  Recess
2:00-3:05  Reading Workshop
*Friday 2:30-3:00  STEM time
3:05-3:23  Read Aloud
3:23  Announcements
3:26  Bus Riders
3:33  All Dismissal 

Lesson Plans