Bullying Prevention Program

I have started a six-week program on bullying prevention and no name-calling here at EGS.    My goal is to help our young people understand that bullying can be harmful and should not be tolerated, either by the victim or the bystanders.  I hope to help students understand the different types of bullying and learn ways to successfully deal with many sorts of bullies.  My program encourages young people to take a good look at their interactions with their peers and to do everything in their power to stop others from bullying--and to avoid becoming bullies themselves.

We will observe the annual "No Name-Calling Week" here at EGS from January 24 - 28.  Your student will have an opportunity to sign a pledge to "Be a Buddy--Not a Bully" at the end of that week.   There will also be daily announcements and activities reminding students of the importance of a bully free atmosphere.  A positive and safe learning environment is essential for all of our students.

Please refer to the attached file for helpful tips for parents in dealing with bullying and name-calling situations.  Ellinwood Grade School is a "No Put-Down Zone!"  Let's all continue working together to keep it that way so your child's school year will be as successful as possible.
Ryan Koetter,
Jul 14, 2011, 12:34 PM